QAN / QAR Qualification

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QAN / QAR Qualification

Banelec are proud to announce that they recently received QAN / QAR qualification.

Banelec have worked in hazardous area control systems for many years, building for many of the well known names in the industry, but customers always complained that the process was too lengthy.

This was because the design and production facilities were all based abroad which increased lead times.

Banelec saw this as an opportunity to partner with Bartec and were invited to visit Bartecs’ facilities in Norway.

After showing competent knowledge and skills, Bartec gave Banelec permission to build into their control panels and certify ourselves in house.

This gives us much more flexibility to offer customers a smoother service from design, build, test and certify.

However following customer feedback it became clear that Banelec could go one step further. Full audits at Banelec were performed by Intertek who check all of the quality systems that Banelec have in place including Ex systems.

Banelec passed the QAN/QAR audits and gained ATEX and IECEX accreditation as a competent accredited provider to the industry.

Banelec’s processes make us the fastest supplier in the market. We can now stock, drill and turnaround complete systems very efficiently and the whole process is done at our UK facility.