Banelec Branching into Rental Contracts

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Banelec Branching into Rental Contracts

Banelec branching into rental contracts; supporting customers with reliable control systems and machinery.

With increased demand for extended warranties on products and machinery, Banelec are offering a new rental service in which they supply equipment and machinery on a contractual basis.

In the current uncertain times where companies are questioning their levels of investment, rental contracts like this offer customers the equipment they need to meet demand but with spreading the cost for financial security and cash flow. Banelec can offer the equipment required and are there to provide support and maintenance as the need arises.

Banelec can design and supply equipment, from a small safe or hazardous area control system, up to a full-scale factory automation or crane system complete with electrical controls and all software and programming requirements including robots, HMI’s etc.

Automation system with Banelec controls system

So whether it is a hazardous area control system, a full-scale crane or part of an automation system; we can design, manufacture, install, commission and ensure the system is maintained as part of an agreed contract.

The contract would also include a suitable supply of spare parts to be kept by the customer in case of a breakdown, call outs and repairs to be carried out when required to ensure customer satisfaction and regular services to ensure the system is running efficiently and effectively.

In the near future, PLC providers are looking to introduce annual subscription fees, so through a rental contract with Banelec this will be dealt with on your behalf. Contracts where software is involved, Banelec shall ensure it is up to date and that the customer receives full advantage of the latest innovations.

There are many advantages to a customer opting to obtain machines and equipment through a rental contract with Banelec; these include: low immediate costs, high quality design, reliable equipment, spare parts held on site to provide the customer with immediate installation options if a product fails, increased services dependent on the application, eliminates warrantee concerns, faster call out assistance, and ongoing support to ensure equipment is maintained and customer is satisfied.

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