Banelec Provide Speedy Turnaround for Customer

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Banelec Provide Speedy Turnaround for Customer

A recent job saw the Banelec engineers provide super quick turnaround with the load testing of a 90 Tonne hoist, required by a customer in dire need.

With only 3 days to go before a ship laden with product was due into port to be unloaded using this very hoist. Our customer realised it had not been tested and to boot the inverter had not been set up either.

Contacting Banelec in a panic, we managed to receive the hoist, arrange a rented area in a high roof factory, transport the crane to this factory, set up the test beam, arrange the delivery of 112.5 tonnes of test weights and perform the test within 24 hours.

The test was completely successful and the hoist was back at the port and re-installed by Wednesday morning saving our customer a massive damage claim.