Banelec's New Apprentice

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Banelec's New Apprentice

Banelec have taken on a new apprentice this September. Joe Redfern is the stepson of employee Ian Bishop and has taken a keen interest in the career path he has made with the company.

Joe is 16 years of age and has grown up watching Ian travel the world for Banelec as an Offshore Engineer working on electrical control panels and cranes for a variety of customers. Joe is looking to perhaps achieve similar in the future himself as he begins his first steps on the career ladder.

Last year Joe joined the team at Banelec to carry out his weeks work experience. He showed much enthusiasm and was happy to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed. He enjoyed his work experience that much he returned for an extra week over the summer. Upon completion he asked Managing Director Dean Banner if there was the possibility of conducting an apprenticeship with ourselves once he has finished school.

He will be learning the tricks of the trade at our Brierley Hill workshop while attending Dudley College once a week over the coming years. The team here at Banelec are looking forward to passing on their wisdom and teaching Joe the ropes.