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The Challenge:

GKN are a major supplier to Jaguar Land rover and due to an expansion in their production facility we were invited to bid for the design and manufacture of the electrical component of a new production line system.

The design was for a fully / semi-automatic electrical control system, to allow loading of plain round drive shaft bars to be moved through the production process and be deposited as completed drive shafts into delivery silos ready for desptach to the customer. The whole process requires very little human intervention and is capable of producing over 220 bars per hour – a vast increase in productivity.


This was a very involved project but one that brought us great satisfaction. We not only designed and installed the complete electrical system but also included electrical controls for robots and high precision camera analysis.

Sensors and bespoke Banelec bracket design makes the system fully adjustable in 2 axis.

This project was deemed to be such a success that it is now used as a benchmark for the drive shaft line and resulted in a number of additonal orders.