Specialist Distribution Panels

Distribution boards for specialist locations are rarely standard so in general our distribution boards are designed as bespoke units.

Here are some examples of specialist distribution panel requirements that we offer:

  • Bespoke shape or sizes due to space restrictions
  • Different material types or paint colours
  • Type of protections (such as MCB/RCD combinations)
  • Multiple / varied types of MCB (1, 2, 3 or 4 pole)
  • 3 pole MCB / RCD protection
  • Increased KA rating up to 50KA ratings
  • Dedicated termination points (generally DIN rail type terminals)
  • Specialist segregation of compartments
  • Auxiliary trip failure on single or multiple MCBs and RCDs.
  • Door interlocking of incoming MCCB or isolation devices
  • 3 phase RCD devices not requiring a neutral to work
  • Specialist segregation of compartments
  • Remote signalling


We offer Grade 304 and Grade 316 Stainless steel, Sheet steel or Zintec Sheet Steel. Bespoke materials and thicknesses are also available.


All RAL colour finishes are available